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"In my work as an architect, I take on the role of an interpreter of someone’s dream."

I ask. What do you dream?

I start with questions and evoke from them the kinds of feelings my clients imagine being expressed through their home.


I listen because it's your dream, not ours.

As feelings and dreams are expressed I listen so as to display those tones through architecture and spaces where memories can be created.

I create. Your dream. Your life.

My gift to my clients is the creation of these expressive spaces, then connecting these spaces to the lives of families who enjoy them.

Now it's your turn.
Are you ready to architect your dream?

I'm listening here in the Bay Area.
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Maurice Camargo, Silicon Valley Architect

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Bay Area Architect

Camargo & Associates

Bay Area Architect
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"The right architect can be a homeowner's best friend. His or her knowledge of energy use, building materials, and labor costs can save you more than enough money to cover their fee, and an original, well designed house — one that is strong, functional, and responsive to its site — is a daily joy as well as a good investment."